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NEXT Initiatives is an organization that works for “Sustainable Tourism Development” and provides 360 degree solution for tourism development.

NEXT offers a wide array of services to destinations in the tourism-, hospitality- and leisure industry. Services include strategy planning, business planning, marketing planning, marketing representation, training and recruiting. The solutions we provide support your organization at strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Tourism Development

NEXT Initiatives is an organization that works for “Sustainable Tourism Development”

360 degree solution

360 degree solution to the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry.

Leading consultancy services for

Development and promotion of tourinsm

Our clients are accommodations, attractions, Tourism Boards and government bodies. Regardless of your organization’s background, size or location, we offer custom made advice and executive support that makes you reach your goals.

Our team of specialists and project managers are multi-lingual and have relevant qualification and experience in tourism destination and heritage management. With multiple years of global working experience and a sound understanding of the international travel market, they are familiar with different cultures and -environments and hence act according to them.

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All Round Tourism Solutions

We believe in transparency in our work and dedication to your case. No matter if, your project centres around hotel marketing, research in tourism trends or sustainable tourism development: we work on your assignment with the same dedication as you. We involve your staff and let them create a sense of ownership of what is being enrolled.

Sustainable Tourism Development

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