Destination Management

The tourism market is growing and new travel niches emerge every day. Your product offer must unite seamlessly with trends in product demand. You want to know how well your offer matches with the demands of your target market. Tourism Consultancy will review your product- and services range, look at its development potential and position your offer suitably.

Your pricing strategy is one of the most vulnerable parts of your marketing mix. Tourism Consultancy judges your pricing strategy and revenue management by revealing your guests price-quality perception, monitoring competitor behaviour and analysis of your cost base. This results in an optimal pricing strategy, where necessary complemented with adapted revenue (or yield) management methods.

When you market and sell your tourism product through multiple channels, you want to know how these channels perform and which value each one adds to your destination. This counts for channels that you operate yourself and for any third parties that you may use. Tourism Consultancy reviews your distribution channels and measures their individual performance in terms of quantity and quality. We improve your distribution efforts through optimizing existing channels and exploring the possibilities for new ones.

Proper branding ensures a consistent message and the right associations with your destination. Communication and branding work in two directions: the branding and communication towards the market and the branding and communication within your own organization. Tourism Consultancy reviews your destination’s current image and matches it with your preferred image based on your destination’s market positioning. The findings will be implemented in an internal policy towards your staff, and a media plan to achieve the desired image.

Our destination branding approach is built on powerful promotion methods using both conventional media and new media:

  • Advertising campaigns through papers, radio and TV;
  • Search Engine Marketing campaigns;
  • Social media campaigns on leading sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter;
  • Social bookmarking campaigns through Delicious, Digg, Technorati and others.

##The latter two are interesting when your destination has a smaller budget. If you are unfamiliar with the terms social media and social bookmarking, we will lay out their signification and potential in a personal meeting.