Our Team

Meet the NEXT Team

Our team of specialists and project managers are multi-lingual and have relevant qualification and experience in tourism destination and heritage management. With multiple years of global working experience and a sound understanding of the international travel market, they are familiar with different cultures and environments and hence act according to them.

Partha Pratim Das

Expertise: Sustainable Community Tourism Development, Eco-Tourism, World Heritage, Destination Management

Toni Howard

Expertise: Tourism Development, over 60 years experience of rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, river, sea, jungle and desert travel. Adventure tourism Expert.

Diana Taylor

Destination Development, Over 50 years experience of rock climbing, mountaineering, caving & exploratory jungle and desert travel including first ascents in England, North Africa & the Middle East & new treks in Nagaland & Bodoland, NE India.

Dipanjul Kashyap

Expertise: Community Tourism, Eco-tourism, Project Execution

Sankar P Barthakur

Expertise: Software Developer, IT Enabled Services

Er. Dipak Tumung

Expertise: Infrastructure Development & Engineering Services

Er. Pranjal Deuri

Expertise: Civil Engineering Design & Concept Design

Kuhak Kar

Expertise: South East Asia Tour Operation & Destination Developer